Sunday, Sept 17
8pm – 10pm

Sunday Social

Monday, Sept 18
8:30am – 12pm

Vision Critical Academy Workshops

These new workshops are designed to allow you to work in smaller groups of your peers to get actionable takeaways. All workshop attendees will be required to bring their own laptops. Space is extremely limited (100). More info.


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1pm – 2pm

Opening Keynote

2pm – 3pm

Breakout Sessions: Learn from our best communities

Each Visionary Award winner will present their success story and the tactical details of how they build and manage their community. Attend one of three concurrent breakout sessions below.


Marketing Visionary Award Winner – Building better campaigns

Learn how to execute better marketing campaigns by listening to your customers from the day-to-day community manager and their stakeholder from the marketing team.


Customer Experience Visionary Award Winner – Improving customer experience

Learn how to improve the customer experience by listening to your customers from the day-to-day community manager and their stakeholder from the customer experience or marketing team.


Innovation Visionary Award Winner – Building better products

Learn how to build better products by listening to your customers from the day-to-day community manager and their stakeholder from the product team.


3pm – 3:30pm



3:30pm – 4:30pm

Breakout Sessions: Success stories from your Industry

These breakout sessions will feature tips and tricks, lessons learned and business impact from specific industries. Attend one of three concurrent breakout sessions below.


Feature: Media, Entertainment, Sports and Lottery Insight Communities


Feature: Health Care, CPG and Retail Insight Communities


Feature: Technology, Telco, Financial Services, and Energy Insight Communities

6pm – 10pm

Dinner under the Stars

Shuttles will bring attendees to the Sequoia restaurant for a patio dinner party at one of Washington D.C.’s most breath-taking locations on the banks of the Potomac River near historic Georgetown.


8am – 9am

Networking Breakfast

9am – 9:45am

Keynote Presentation

9:45am – 10:45am

Breakout Sessions: Sparq 3 in three different speeds

Get hands-on tips from product experts depending on your product knowledge level. Attend one of three concurrent breakout sessions below.


Considering Sparq 3?

This session is for people who do not have an insight community yet with Vision Critical. Get hands on with our platform, tips for selling in communities to your company, and have your questions answered by our team of experts.


Sparq 3 Refresher for New Users

Are you a new customer, or need a refresher on what the Sparq 3 platform is all about? Join this session for a walk through of running an insight community project from start to finish. We’ll cover the main features of Sparq 3, and you’ll leave feeling more confident about the concepts of relationship memory, contextualization, APIs and more.


Sparq 3 for Power Users

Already know your way around Sparq 3 and want some product tips and tricks to amp up your game? Join this session to hear from our team of product experts to master relationship memory, contextualization, APIs and Sparq Share.

10:45am – 11:15am


11:15am – 12:15pm

Breakout Sessions: Insight Community Tips and Tricks

Attend one of three concurrent breakout sessions below.


Getting buy in from internal stakeholders

Not yet a Vision Critical customer or thinking about additional communities? Hear tips from current Vision Critical customers about how to get buy in for your community vision, answer your stakeholders’ questions, lessons they learned during the purchase process, and what to expect once you have your community.


Setting up for success

For new customers, this session will help you launch a new insight community. Learn how to activate and mobilize your stakeholders, build a successful recruitment and retention strategy, envision early activities and goals, and understand how to define success in your first year.


Keeping the romance alive

Get inspiration from our long-standing communities about what it takes to keep members and stakeholders engaged over the years, ideas for keeping activities fresh and interesting, and lessons learned from both their successes and mistakes over the years.

12:15pm – 1:45pm

Birds-of-a-feather lunch

1:45pm – 2:45pm

Keynote Presentation

2:45pm – 3:15pm


3:15pm – 4:15pm

Breakout Sessions: Solution Roundtables

Attend one of five concurrent breakout sessions below.


Member Engagement

Struggling with member engagement? Need ideas and inspiration? Looking for some fun activity ideas? Bring your member engagement challenges and get inspired by sharing ideas, successes and lessons learned with others in the room.


Stakeholder Engagement

Need ideas for keeping your stakeholders engaged? Submit your questions in advance and uncover solutions with everyone in the room. Topics are up to you and could include anything from: building a steering committee, tracking and activity calendars, and more.



Looking for new recruiting ideas? Don’t have a good list to start from? Hear the latest recruiting stories and share your specific challenges to get ideas for solutions.


Get your Emails Read!

Need tips for improving your email communications and completion rate? Learn 10 tips for getting your emails read from a marketing demand generation expert. Get inspired with some good and bad examples. Then discuss how to improve your own emails (using real examples from your own communities) with your peers.



Thinking about monetizing your community but aren’t sure where to start? Join this roundtable discussion to hear from customers who are successfully monetizing their communities and then discuss in your small group how you could go about it with your own community.

4:15pm – 5pm

Closing Keynote

Vision Critical Academy Workshops



We are introducing Vision Critical Academy Workshops to this year’s Summit agenda. This intensive half-day curriculum is designed to allow you to work in smaller groups of your peers to get actionable takeaways. Attend one of four workshop streams in order to have a hands-on deep dive into that workshop topic.


Workshops run on the morning of Monday, September 18th (8:30am to 12noon) at the JW Marriott Washington, DC. Each workshop attendee will only be in one workshop stream.


All workshop attendees will be required to bring their own laptops. Space is extremely limited, and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You must register for the Summit in order to add one workshop stream to your agenda.

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Workshop attendees will be participating in only one of four streams below.


STREAM 1: Let’s get tactical! Finding solutions to your challenges

Work with VC experts and other VC customers to find solutions to your community’s specific challenges.


Who should attend? Vision Critical customers and partners who have specific challenges they’d like to address.


Everyone will have the opportunity to share their challenge and get tactical ideas for solutions. We will ask you in advance to write a quick summary of the challenge you want to solve.


Ideas of challenge topics:  

  • Member recruiting, engagement and retention
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Too few or too many activities
  • Using your community for innovation, customer experience, or marketing business challenges
  • Inspiration for long-running communities  
  • Ideas for more interesting projects
  • Structuring teams for success

Note: if you have questions about community project management, reporting or questionnaire design, then Stream 2: Reprogramming your research mindset, will be a better fit for you.


STREAM 2: Reprogramming your research mindset

Insight communities enable rapid-fire and interactive questioning that requires a different mindset and a more efficient workflow than traditional market research. This session will help you rethink and adapt your skills to the new paradigm.


Who should attend? Various levels of market research experience from new to veterans.


Bring your laptops and our product and community insight experts will guide you through the project journey, including how and what to share with your members and stakeholders. Plus, they’ll give you a deep dive into questionnaire design and reporting for communities. You’ll leave with solid best practices for approaching your next business challenge with ease and confidence.


STREAM 3: Set up successful employee communities

Learn all the nuances about setting up an employee community to ensure your staff feel as engaged as your customers.


Who should attend? Customers, partners and anyone considering starting an employee community.


Employee communities can be powerful tools to help to improve employee engagement and retention and inject employee voices into your product innovation cycle. Learn how to sell the idea to your stakeholders, successfully build, launch, and run an active employee community from customers and VC subject matter experts.


STREAM 4: Showcase your vision and success

Showcase your community’s success and impact on the business to other internal stakeholders.


Who should attend? Prospective or current customers who wish to effectively showcase and sell their community internally. Whether you’re a current customer or considering buying a community, engaging your internal stakeholders is critical to success.


For current customers, showcasing your community successes can help elevate you and your team, protect your budget, secure additional resources, and start up new communities. For anyone considering a community, this workshop can help get the right approvals and buy-in from your stakeholders by effectively selling the vision and plans for your community.

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